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ididthatad.com at the Loerie Awards 2011

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This year, ididthatad.com handled all the welcome pictures and managed the official tweeting, at the Loerie Awards. The concept behind the welcome pictures was for the Loerie attendees to place their heads through a cut out, which formed part of the ididthatad.com stand.

Several pieces of artwork had been created, showing a ‘body’, and once the photo had been taken, the head of the attendees, would be placed to a ‘body’. What the ‘body’ is……who knows?! To find your picture like the ididthatad.com’s facebook page.

Julie Maunder, who runs, ididthatad.com offered House of Imagery the opportunity to supply a set of creative ‘bodies’. To view our creative, have a look at the images.

The Hoff Credits:

Creative Management:

House of Imagery






Andrea Biondi (3D Model Agency)


Natalia Keet (Infidels)

Laurel and Hardy Credits:

Creative Management:

House of Imagery


Chris Valentine

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